Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Here are the kids all spiffied up for a picnic.
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Daffodil Day

A bit of a photo shoot this morning after breakfast. The girls are gorgeous!

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Friday, March 13, 2009

God Questions

During lunch, Hosanna asked, "Mama, why did God give me such a loud mouth?" I replied, "In case of an emergency." This comment is particularly funny because Hosanna is not a "loud mouth," and she didn't even mean it in a negative way like the phrase is often used. She was really wondering why her mouth could make such loud sounds. :)

Jubilee, equally as interested in God's creations, then asked, "On what day did God make gravity?" Without giving me a chance to respond, she said, "I know. It must have been right before He went to bed on the seventh day."
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Daddy Moments

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Hay There!

Our neighbor used his big tractor mower to cut the tall grass down on the bottom of our land. This is in preparation to plow it. We are being a bit more adventurous this year - it is a lot more than a garden. We are thinking about growing oats or millet - something that we and the chickens can/could eat. So, we'll see how this goes. It was warm for about four days and we lived outside. Here we are all raking up the cut grass to bring to the chicken coop.

Hosanna helping get the grass in our utility wagon.

Jeff taking a break.
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Friday, March 6, 2009


On one of Jeff's days off it snowed a bit. It is always cold here in the winter, but we don't get a whole lot of snow. It was 14 degrees out and the wind was whipping, but we all tried to sled. We lasted about four times down the hill. But sledding is always worth it to the kids (and us).
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We went hiking on one of Jeff's days off. It is so great to have Daddy-time!
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Is It Spring Yet?

Hooray! It was actually warm today - I mean maybe even 70! It felt like it was roasting. The other day I commented to Jeff that it was a warm day - and he looked at the thermometer and said something like "it is a warm 30 degrees then." I laughed. Perhaps I am acclimatizing. Maybe. I joke with Jeff that the next place we move is going to be Africa - so we can avoid winter. He suggested one of the Pacific Islands. :) Oh, thank you Susan for the red, strawberry material. I am very proud of Jubi's jumper. Hosanna's is almost finished too! It feels very satisfying to have the girls wear clothes that I have made.
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Snow Day

Jubilee and Hosanna were quite motivated to sled in our inch of snow. They found every patch of snow and tried it our together. The boys are not "into" snow. They like to see it fall, but don't like the cold of it. So the boys and I watched the girls sled from the window.
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Jeff and the wood are our heat source. There are lots of people that give away their fallen trees. Here is some we picked up and had fun cutting it up. Jonathan had the most fun - he bounces in place and screams "yeah" when the chain saw is going. Such a boy!
Hosanna has an affection for her snow pants. As you can see in the picture that there is no snow, but she likes that there is so much pink! Such a girl!
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