Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Smile of God

It has been a long while since the last post since our computer was down, changing internet providers, and a 11 day stretch of sickness for all the girls of the house. Tonight I thought it might be fun to share that I shop-vac-ed Jeff's lunch box. He has a large, accordian-like lunch box and with all the snacks that wedge in the cracks I thought I had a pretty great idea. The mess is in the shop vac and not all over the counter or mis-fired around the garbage can! Today it also snowed - well about 2 hours of flurries. The laundry hanging outside had become a bit stiff, so I am letting it stay up all night and hopefully tomorrow it will thaw out by the afternoon.

This past Saturday, I had a proud, happy Mama moment. Hosanna was sick with an earache and sleeping a lot as a result. So Jubilee and I went outside with a picnic snack that Jubilee had prepared. I was eating the apple slices when she said, "Let's do Jesus bread." She had brought out the bread and juice needed to take communion together! This was such a wonderful time as she thanked God for pouring His blood out to wash us clean of our sins. She asked me to pray before we took the bread. I could just feel the smile of God.