Saturday, February 14, 2009

Capitan and Me

Here we are! We went to a Valentine Banquet our church held that night. I got to where my twirly skirt, and Jeff wore his shiny purple shirt. These are what we wear to be snazzy. :)
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Here we have our neighbor (who used to be a fireman) make a bonfire with all our yard debris. He said that the fire was shooting 50 feet high. The kids had a front row view to the best fireworks display. (Safe too for all the safety cautious out there).
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Here is the lastest cute, group shot! A lively bunch!
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Snow Day

We got a few (maybe two) inches of snow and the schools were closed, which meant that Jeff didn't have to drive to a staff meeting! So we got to sled! It was 14 degrees and windy, and therefore we only lasted for three times down the hill, but it was worth it.