Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First eggs

Jubilee is proudly holding our first egg "crop." We are not quite sure who is laying, but we are glad for our mystery blessing!
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Homeschool for the week

Hosanna is helping Daddy make cookie bars.
Jubilee is now good at flipping pancakes!
Jubilee set up a snack store. The orange papers are the price tags with choices of peanuts, graham crackers, raisins, water bottles and popcorn. Hosanna is graciously paying the high snack shack prices - a bottle water was $8.00!! :)
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Here are the birds at bed-time! Looks a bit cozy!
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Meet the Flock

Little Cloud
Hosanna is with Joe - our neighbor thought it should be named after Joseph's coat of many colors
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gluie Putty Putty

Jubi calls this game "Gluie Putty Putty," perhaps that is because of the amount of glue that went into its creation. The tree in our back yard produced lots of buckeyes so the girls put them to good use making a game board. Three days later they are still adding to it.
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Little Laundry

Jubilee came up with this project on her own. She tied two jump ropes together from the post to the front door nob. She collected the clothes pins and various soapy and clean wate containers. She washed, rinsed, rung, and hung her doll clothes for over an hour. Hosanna was happy to scoot on the scooter!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today we started making tie-dye coffee filters. I taught the girls how to iron the filters. Then we dyed them with red, yellow, and green food coloring. Tomorrow we cut them into leaf shapes and make a mobile. Jubi and Zana thought it was a blast - me too!
Jubilee is practicing her jump roping! She is getting the hang of it.

Here are some of our 24 birds...yes we have increased as a result of freecycle. Yesterday, Jeff picked up 2 laying hens and two other roosters. They are enjoying the shade here. They now roam the yard, as they are big enough to not get through the fence. It is kinda fun to share the yard with the birds.
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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Thank you for all the gifts! The girls and all of us, are blessed beyond measure!!
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The Cake

Jubi requested a horse cake. When she got the horse toys for her birthday, she wanted to change from the cake actually in the form of a horse to the horses on the cake. The fence is made from popcicle sticks and the grass in dyed coconut.

Posted by PicasaGrandma Susan gave the cows to Hosanna but they didn't quite fit on the bitty pasture, so they are on the front step. I thought it turned out pretty cute!

Birthday Party Games

Our first game was supposed to be "sheep herding" with a balloon and stick, coaxing the balloon across the yard. Well, it didn't occur to me before hand that the balloons would all pop on the grass. So lots of popped ones, but then we tried bobbing for apples, which was a big hit! The kids all tried several times! We fed the chickens and everyone had a turn at trying to find the safety pins in the rice while blind-folded. We had lunch following with salad, watermelon from our garden, our homemade pickles, which everyone liked (!), hot dogs, baked beans, and lemonade. Hosanna requested that we roast "smarshmallows" for her birthday, so Jeff dug a fire pit and got a small fire going - just perfect for the kids to roast their mallows.
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Monday, September 1, 2008

We had a blast at Wet'N'Wild. The girls became courageous to ride the slides, Jubilee alone, and Hosanna on the family-together rides.

This is a view of the waterpark from our condo. Jeff's aunt Beverly & Uncle Marcelo were offered the use of it for family coming in for their son's wedding. The family wasn't able to arrive until Friday, so we got to stay there Sunday-Friday. It was an amazing place to stay!

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