Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mama and Jesus

This week I stubbed my toe really bad - bad enough to cry. Jubilee responded, along with a cloth to help with the bleeding and prayer, by making a feel better project.

One of her pictures included a picture of me and Jesus. Jesus has the spiked hair and I have the flowing "blue do."

At the bottom of the page she labeled her work!

Princess Hosanna

This is our Hosanna as she truly is - in her princess attire. We went to a birthday party this week where the girls were asked to dress as a princess. The girls obviously got into it! What a cutie!
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Autumn at the Park

Jeff worked his 12 hour, Saturday shift at Eliada. The girls and I broke the day up by going to the park. IT was the first cold day of fall, so we wore layers to try to acclimate.
Jubilee took this of me and the autumn beauty behind me.

We spent the majority of our time making "cakes" in the sand box.
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Salad Makers

Hosanna and I are cutting grapes in half to put in our salad. She likes using our circular grater (which you can see on the right corner of the picture), with which we shred carrots, broccoli, cabbage, apples, and pretty much anything!
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Grammie Susan

Lots of bedtime stories
Making Chop-Sui
Making an apple pie together.
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Chug-Chug To Boston

Grammie Susan was here to visit for about 2 weeks. She is famous for her Chug-Chug to Boston Song!

Jumping on the trampoline too!
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