Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Garden Beginnings



A gracious neighbor allowed us to borrow their roto-tiller - probably after seeing this pregnant woman out in the dirt with my shovel for two weeks. The little progress I had made with my shovel was surpassed by the machine in a matter of 25 minutes. I guess yielding to progress has some benefits - let's not pretend we are actually committed to non-electric ways, we just don't own the machines yet. :) Jeff drove the "Bronco" (brand name!) through the dirt well!
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Spring has Sprung


It sure has been a while since I have posted on our blog, but we have plenty blog-worthy events to share now. Top on the list is Jubilee and Hosanna and thier matching outfits which a friend gave to us. The girls were so excited to match that they wanted me to take their picture outside. (So this is what Mama's photography has produced.) They are getting bigger and sweeter all the time!
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