Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Extras

Zachary and Hosanna proudly displaying their sugar cookies - an activity done a few days after Christmas. :)
This is a bulb given to Jeff from one of his Sunday School students - I thought it was so wonderful!
(Y is for Young, in case you are wondering.)
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Painting the Coop

Everyone had a turn helping Daddy paint the new quail and chick coop. Zachary wins the award for the longest attention span - telling us that he liked to do a man's work. :)

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Bible Lessons with a Five Year Old

So, this picture is action-packed. Jubilee has just acted out the whole crucifiction scence with Hosanna and Zachary and now we are at the final moments of Jesus being nailed to the cross. First Jubi dug a hole for the cross, made the cross, found the stuffed cow to represent Jesus, gathered the bungi cords because the soliders also tied his arms to the cross (according to her), gathered three screws because she couldn't find nails to nail his hands and one through both feet (she was very specific about this). All the while she is telling the three year olds in perfect accouny what happened to Jesus...and they had rapped attention. The red hamper basket is the tomb, which the cow was placed in and then after counting to three (three days buried) she got the cow and his new cloths (God had to give Jesus new clothes because the soliders took his other ones - another Jubi insight) and tossed them as high as she could in the air representing that Jesus assended back into heaven. I watch (then photoed) in amazement at her careful account - she will do very well as a missionary - that is what she keeps telling me she is going to be. :)
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