Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just Ducky!

Our babies are growing! We have had a few fieldtrips outside now that they are bigger and the weather is better. The ducks are growing so quickly, espcially Buttercup, the girl. Banana is the boy. Buttercup and Banana are quite the pair. They cuddle together in the coop, and will only be quiet if together. If Buttercup does not see Banana she becomes frightened. Buttercup is now growing in her down feathers. The ducks follow me and Jeff around the yard - they seem espcially fond of Jeff and will run to hide next to him if they spot the children or dog! Last night the girls disturbed an ant nest, and Jeff got out all the chicks and moved them outside to the displaced army for a protein snack. The chicks sure figured out that they were yummy.
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YoungsAdventures said...

Buttercup is the female, the larger all-yellow duck. Samantha named Banana after a ripe banana look. Of course, they both might end up white and black as adults. Click to post a comment back to us!