Monday, August 11, 2008

Craggy Gardens

We finally made it to the Blue Ridge Parkway for Jeff's July Birthday outing. The week before we got all the way to the Craggy Gardens and it started to lightly rain. That didn't stop us though - initially. A group abandoned their hot charcoal at the first drops which we happily received. We got the hot dogs out and then the rain started to pour and then Jeff and I were standing by the charcoal completely soaked and sloshing back to the truck. So we check the weather report this Saturday and it was 0% chance of rain, so we tried again. This time we brought our charcoal and had to wait for it to "do its thing" for quite a while. After hamburgers we started hiking and to our delight there were the first ripenings of blueberries. We picked for a while and some of them got in our container. Hosanna was not convinced that the little bucket was the best place for all the blueberries she was finding. And below we have another couple photo! Jubilee is old enough to take a decent shot, so now it will look like both of us go on the family outings instead of one of us behind the camera all the time.
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