Saturday, September 13, 2008

Birthday Party Games

Our first game was supposed to be "sheep herding" with a balloon and stick, coaxing the balloon across the yard. Well, it didn't occur to me before hand that the balloons would all pop on the grass. So lots of popped ones, but then we tried bobbing for apples, which was a big hit! The kids all tried several times! We fed the chickens and everyone had a turn at trying to find the safety pins in the rice while blind-folded. We had lunch following with salad, watermelon from our garden, our homemade pickles, which everyone liked (!), hot dogs, baked beans, and lemonade. Hosanna requested that we roast "smarshmallows" for her birthday, so Jeff dug a fire pit and got a small fire going - just perfect for the kids to roast their mallows.
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