Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November Update

Our camera broke so I have not had any pics to share lately, but we have news. Let's see, two foster boys came to live with us last Friday (14th) they are ages 15 months and 3 years. We are adjusting well. Going from 2 to 4 is a leap (and more organization). So I have gone back to my faithful schedule regimen where the day is blocked off into half hour sections from 6:30 am to 8 pm. I know what everyone should be doing is my job to implement the "should's" into "did's" :) - catch that? This way when I am doing the dishes the baby is not eating crayons and the three years olds (Hosanna and Zachary) are not hosting a rodeo in the living room. That was yesterday! Jubilee has conjunctivitis (pink eye) in both eyes, but we are treating that we chamomile tea (in the eye). It seems to be working. Hooray! Jubilee and Hosanna are slowly adjusting to two boys - and I am sure the boys are adjusting to the girls. Jubilee is glad for more members in her parade and Hosanna is undecided - she goes from crying to laughing all day long. I am super glad that today is warmer - the last two days had such freezing winds we couldn't go outside - so that didn't help! :)
We are getting more eggs now - yesterday we gathered FOUR - that's right! The chickens made an eighty cent contribution to our life - not to mention entertainment. It is a moment of sheer delight for everyone (esp. everyone but me) to find the eggs. Everyone wants to hold the egg - so we all take turns holding the egg, and then I intercept it before it drops. (Oh, the wailing that took place when one of the eggs dropped, Jubilee wins the award for most expressive.) I am loving knitting - yes, it bring delight to have a craft that can be accessed easily. God provides the manna and Jeff gathers it everyday. The Eliada home suddenly had a deficit in the number of children it was caring for so that income became unreliable -but God is still faithful. "Out of the blue" people has called him to have him help with their business overflows. A painter and a guy from our church with a heating business. So he has been installing heating ducts, painting, driving for the state, and is a huge relief in the evenings for me. He is my Renaissance man! Oh, and he is no longer scheduled to work Thanksgiving for Eliada! That is another blessing! God is wonderful!

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Kirstie said...

That is very exciting news! I wish you the best in your new expanded family!