Thursday, May 14, 2009






For all those that don't know, Dollywood is Tennessee's version of Great America, with a Southern twist. There are lots of rides, shows, and artisan areas (glass blowing, carriage-making, candle making, etc.) with a hillbilly flavor - very Christian, very fun (esp. for the little ones). So Jubilee was tall enough to ride most of the rides, and there were a few we could all get on. Having three short people with us didn't allow for a lot of roller coasters for me, which is just fine. After the tea cup spinning ride and the Ferris wheel I had just about lost my equilibrium for the day. We managed to get all six of us in the tea cup ride. As the woman came over the check our safety latch Jeff joked, "I think we might be able to squeeze one more in here," to which she replied, "Just give yourselves a few minutes, and that might just happen." Jeff and I laughed - I think the boys look so much like us, that people assume we are the most fertile couple around (that is, next to the Duggars.) That family is my hero - well, maybe my biggest inspiration.
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