Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blackberry Surprise!

On Saturday we went to the River again to fish, picnic, and swim. We tried a different part of the river, and it turned out to not be a very good place to fish or swim. As Jeff was casting a few times the girls and I went for a walk further down bank to see if there was a better spot for swimming. We didn't find any, but all of a sudden Jubilee said, "Look, Mama so many blackberries!" We praised God for saving such a blessing for us. We filled half a little cooler full of ripe blackberries. The best part was that they were very easy access so we didn't have to fight thorns. We picked until we couldn't see any more ripe ones! We didn't catch a fish that day, but we sure came home with a surprise! I ended up making a bunch of blackberry syrup so we can fill our muffins with something different!
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Kirstie said...

Wow, it sure seems like you are living out the desires of your heart- girls, chickens, gardens, blackberries! God is so good!