Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy July Birthday!

Last year I decided that Jeff needed his birthday changed! It is the day after Christmas and I could never celebrate him properly. So this year and last our family has made July 26 Jeff's Birthday. We were supposed to go to an old-fashioned wheat threshing and hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but it was down pour so we have to take a rain check for the adventures. He still got some extra attention - and the "chocolateyst" cake I could find. I searched for the chocolate cake recipes until I found the Honey Bunny recipe from Jeff likes his chocolate to be definitively chocolate, so I did just that. The girls helped make and decorate. And then he wanted to pick up some items he'd won from FreeCycle - which we ended up coming home with a free dinner, pasta maker, and men's socks...oh, yes, and a new lunch box - that was from Kmart! The man like free and he likes to shop!
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